December 11

Cyber Security in New York: 3 Guidelines for Improving Your Network Security

If your network and computer systems are not properly secured against threats such as hacking, viruses, and general malware, your business could experience extensive losses. Therefore, you should plan on investing in cyber security services in New York for your network. The right security measures should be designed to guarantee the security of the traffic flow and computer assets in your business through the implementation of hardware and software resources. Here are three guidelines for improving your company’s network security:

Establish Your Security Policies

When planning to reinforce your internet security, it is important to establish your IT security policies. In simple terms, these are the procedures and rules that all the users of the network and computer assets in your business must follow. If there is no policy on IT security, the employees will lack a sense of responsibility and accountability towards the network. The right policies will support the proper utilization of tools while keeping the network secure. It is also essential to ensure that the policy enforcement and security auditing procedures are incorporated.

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Implement Security Controls

Simple IT security policies are not enough when securing a computer network. You should have an enforcement mechanism to ensure that the outlined rules and procedures are followed. The goal of your measures should be to preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information and data across your network. Under ideal circumstances, you should engage cyber security experts in New York for the implementation of security controls.

There are numerous features and measures which can be used to eliminate threats to your network and commercial computer systems. In general, the security controls should be able to sift and keep out threats from the network through resources such as user identification, authentication, access control, encryption, content filtering, and malware detection. It is also important to deploy firewalls, intrusion detection, and antimalware programs.

Check on the Measures

The policies on network security and the security controls will not remain effective forever after implementation. So, it is important to review the IT security plans and measures on a regular basis and assess their reliability. The auditing of your network will enable you to constantly improve your security measures and prevent threats from compromising your business. If you discover a crack in your current setup, make changes to your usage policy and adjust the enforcement measures.

If you would like to know more about cyber security in New York and learn how to secure your commercial network against potential threats, feel free to contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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