August 13

Cyber Security on Long Island: Understanding the Dark Web

The only thing that most of us know about the dark web is that it is a place cybercriminals meet and hide after executing crimes. The dark web is always mentioned in connection with personal information data breaches and any other crime that happens online. If you are running an online business, you need to understand what the dark web is and how it works. Before you lose your critical data, learn all you can about the dark web and strengthen the cyber security of your Long Island business.

What is the Dark Web and What Goes on There?

The dark web is simply the part of the World Wide Web accessible only through special software. Here, users can browse anonymously, and stay untraceable. No wonder users can hack websites and nobody can trace them.

On the dark web, private information is for sale; this is where identity thieves hang out. Details such as social security numbers, birthdates, and credit card details are traded in the dark web. Besides personal data, trading gift cards is also commonplace in the dark web. Crooks hanging out in the dark web are rummaging websites looking for compromised gift cards. Users might be looking for active gift cards to steal. To protect your business, you will need cyber security solutions on Long Island.

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The Dark Web Operates Incognito

Nothing good goes on in the dark web. Otherwise, it would be open for all. Think of it as a marketplace where nothing legal sells. The only people who go to the dark web to do good are the police, journalists, human rights activists, and whistleblowers. Even though some people are in the dark web to do good, most Americans feel that the dark web is a dungeon that should be closed down.

The dark web is not a single website where people meet, it is a network of websites hidden from our every-day access. You only need special software to access these websites and have your IP number and anything else that can be used to nake you untraceable. This secret club only makes up about 3 percent of our internet.

Keeping Your Personal Data Safe

Hackers are coming up with more ways to take advantage of businesses’ data. One of the things you can do to protect your business against dark web threats is to always check your credit card activity to identify irregular activity. Also, your passwords need to be strong, include letters in both lower case and upper case, letters and symbols and make them a little longer.

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