March 9

Cyber Security on Long Island: The Best Microsoft 365 Phishing Prevention Features

Microsoft is revered throughout the tech industry for its elite tech tools that improve business productivity. Microsoft engineers also deserve credit for safeguard clients against myriad cyber threats that continue to evolve with each passing year. The company’s Microsoft 365 software is loaded with features that prevent successful phishing. Below, our cyber security team on Long Island explains the top phishing prevention features in Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Defender’s Anti-Phishing for Office 365

Phishers are fairly creative in that they go to great lengths to impersonate others, appearing legitimate, yet proving quite ruthless when all is said and done. Microsoft’s Defender relies on machine learning to generate a contacts graph that users rely on for trading messages. An arsenal of tools such as anti-malware solutions are used to distinguish suspicious behavior from the rest.

The Fight Against Malware

Malware, be it spyware or ransomware, has the potential to spread through phishing emails. Ransomware freezes networks and computers, preventing access until the ransom is paid. Spyware pilfers information through the recording of user activity. Microsoft 365 is engineered to combat such threats through a multi-layered defense against every type of malware, covering the transmission of emails to filtering harmful attachments and responding to threats in real-time.

Microsoft’s Battle Against Spam

Phishing campaigns rely on spam emails sent to numerous email addresses to nab victims. This means halting spam is essential to guarding against phishing threats. Microsoft 365 has anti-spam tech to analyze email content as well as its source, flagging untrustworthy messages and sending them to the spam folder. If you have any questions about how this spam identification system works, reach out to our cyber security experts on Long Island for guidance.

The Best Possible Filtering

If your business relies on third-party services for email routing prior to the point that they reach Microsoft 365, Enhanced Filtering for Connectors is essential. These inbound connectors gauge the legitimacy of email sources to determine if they are worthy of your trust. The filtering process preserves the signals of authentication that might have been lost amidst email routing, hiking the filtering effectiveness all the more.

Threat-Free Attachments

Phishing emails have file attachments that infiltrate the computer after a single click. Defender takes care of this problem by opening attachments within a sandbox’s isolated environment to ensure the attachment does not negatively impact the system. However, if the attachment is clean, it can be opened without a delay or other hurdle.

Our cyber security experts on Long Island can help you! Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions to find out more about how our team can enhance your company’s cyber security.

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