February 9

Cyber Security on Long Island: How to Prevent Ransomware Threats

Choosing the right cyber security service provider on Long Island can be a complex issue for businesses that lack a dedicated IT staff. Due to rising security breaches and sophisticated techniques used by hackers, businesses are outsourcing to IT firms that keep up with the latest cyber attacks. Here are ways an experienced IT team can help make your cyber security stronger.

Never-Ending Ransomware Attacks

A primary reason to review your cyber security is to ensure your business on Long Island is well prepared for a ransomware attack. These attacks are typically launched through email disguised as a friendly offer. One wrong click and malware is downloaded onto a worker’s computer and blocks user access. The ransomware attacker then sends an ultimatum to pay ransom with cryptocurrency or the data on the computer will be destroyed.

“Netwalker” is the name of a recent ransomware strain discovered in September 2019 that spread in 2020. The attacker appears to be a Russian-speaking actor known as “CIRCUS SPIDER.” What makes Netwalker more disturbing than typical ransomware is it threatens to publish victims’ personal data online. It’s categorized as “Ransomware-as-a-Service” (RaaS), which means it’s hosted anonymously by seasoned hackers.

The criminals behind Netwalker operate on the dark web, which is like the internet’s dark alley where lawbreakers collude with each other. They’ve been inviting other hackers to join them to spread the ransomware.

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Protecting Against Ransomware Attacks

All businesses have become targets for cybercriminals who want to steal confidential financial information. They particularly target companies that seem to resist investing in new technology, since older systems are easier to penetrate. So, it’s important for all businesses to take cyber security seriously and invest in multiple layers of data protection.

Running antivirus software simply is no longer adequate protection, as you need to build several more layers of security. One solution is to turn on firewalls while another is to use virtual servers. Encryption has also been reliable at preventing hackers from penetrating systems. IT securoty experts can help guide you through these solutions as well as monitor and back up your data.

IT experts can further reduce the threat of hackers by training your workers how to watch out for hackers, especially those that launch phishing schemes through email. They can also help advise on passwords, which need to be complex. You will also need a disaster recovery backup plan and a cyber security policy.


Take a look at your cyber security on Long Island and ask yourself if you need stronger data protection. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about protecting your data so you can focus on your business.

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