May 11

Cyber Security on Long Island: How to Secure Your Apple ID

An effective strategy for upgrading your cyber security on Long Island is to outsource to a diverse and talented IT team. Another good strategy if your staff uses Apple devices (iMacs, iPhones, iPads) involves taking proactive steps to protect each worker’s Apple ID. Here’s a look at how these actions will help create a more secure work environment.

How IT Experts Strengthen Business Networks

The best reason to outsource to a seasoned IT team that stays updated on cyber security on Long Island is to protect your network. It can also cut overall operational costs in numerous ways. Switching to automation software, for example, can help improve your company’s productivity while cutting waste.

IT experts can monitor your network and give you a clear direction on how to build your defense strategies against cyber criminals. They can audit your infrastructure to detect any vulnerabilities in your system that hackers may try to exploit. In the process, they may recommend solutions to make your network more secure. Your IT team can help guide you through the maze of new technology and emphasize solutions that improve your company’s efficiency and sustainability.

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Steps to Protect Your Apple ID

Choose a complex password – Avoid simple passwords because those are the easiest for cyber criminals to breach. Mix up letters, numbers, and special characters to reduce the odds the password will be cracked by hacking software. Changing your security questions periodically adds a layer of protection.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication – When you add extra factors for your Apple ID, it gives hackers more hoops to jump through until they give up. These factors might include a six-digit code sent through texting or more security questions in which only you know the answers.

Spot and avoid suspicious emails – It’s important that all workers are knowledgeable of the top way hackers breach business systems, which is through phishing schemes in emails. The schemes attempt to trick employees into clicking links for prizes, only to download malware. It’s common for these criminals to use similar URLs to trusted sources.


Turning to IT experts to enhance your cyber security on Long Island is a winning strategy in challenging times. These technicians can help you build a strong defense against hackers while cutting costs. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about improving security and data protection so you can focus on your core business.

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