August 19

Cyber Security on Long Island: How to Protect Your Employees from Cyber Attacks

If you consult professionals in cybersecurity on Long Island, the need for data protection will be emphasized: primarily because no one is safe from cyber-attacks. Reports have shown that about 58 percent of businesses are never prepared for cyber-attacks. Also, more than half of the businesses that have been under cyber-attack do not survive for more than six months. These statistics show how important cybersecurity is.

Data security is critical for both small and large corporations. When you talk of business data, employees’ data should equally be handled with care. Note that, most employees handle business data: if they are attacked, the business will suffer as well.

Ways to Ensure that Employees’ Data is Protected

Malicious attackers will use employees to get access to your business data. To ensure the overall security of data, employers need first to ensure that their employees are safe. Here’s how:

Unsecured networks host insecure traffic, which puts your data at risk. You should instead provide your employees with a virtual private network (VPN) that will ensure that they are secure as they connect to your business, even on a public network.

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  • Provide data protection training for your employees – The best way to ensure that your employees are safe from cyber-attacks is by letting them know what is at risk and what they can do about it. Educating employees includes keeping them up to date with recent and upcoming threats, training them on how to use technology to protect themselves. You can, for instance, invite cybersecurity experts on Long Island to teach them how to do cloud backup and recovery and how to use password keepers.

Training will equip your employees with knowledge on how best they can defend themselves.

  • Practice password hygiene – Passwords go a long way in ensuring that data is protected. However, that is only possible if you are carrying out the best password practices. Ensure that the passwords that your employees use are unique, strong, and also easy to remember. Discourage your employees from writing down their passwords as they might land in the wrong hands. Also, educate them on the need to keep their passwords private.

As an organization, you are tasked with ensuring that your company has password policies in place which every member of your venture adheres strictly to.

For more tips on how you can keep your business data safe, contact our cybersecurity team on Long Island at Total Technology Solutions.

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