December 16

Cyber Security on Long Island: Five Crucial Stats Business Leaders Need to Know

When it comes to establishing effective cyber security, many business owners and IT pros feel tremendous pressure. Cybercrime has quickly turned into an arduous challenge with no solution. Even high-profile companies like Yahoo or Capitol One seem to be falling prey to unscrupulous individuals. It appears that with the use of mobile and cloud technology having greatly increased, the attack surface has significantly expanded.

This has left many wondering if there’s a way to get past the cybercriminals. Well, if you’re on the lookout for the cyber security of your Long Island business, here are the five key cyber security stats that can help give perspective of the cybercrime situation today:

1. Most Data Breaches Target Small Businesses

Often, small business owners neglect to invest in cyber security, assuming that they’re not a target to the hackers. According to Ponemon Institution’s findings, they make the perfect prey with about 58% of small and medium businesses targeted during the past 12 months. This is a surprising figure considering that small businesses only need to invest less than $500 in cyber security.

2. Email is a Common Means of Spreading Malware

As cyber security experts on Long Island advise businesses, don’t fall prey to spam email. It’s one of the common methods used by cybercriminals to spread malware. According to Verizon, approximately 90% of malware detected by companies comes via email. On most occasions, these malware hide in either Microsoft Word (45%) or Windows Apps (26%).

3. Most Data Breaches Involve Hacking

Hacking incidents are getting out of hand. A study by Accenture’s Global revealed that security breaches have increased by 67% over the last five years. Nearly half of these breaches (52%) happened because of external hacking. According to Verizon, breaching can also happen due to:

  • Malware-28%
  • Social media Vectors-33%
  • Organized Crime-34%

4. Cloud Security Under Threat

Many people consider cloud storage a relatively safe place to store public data. However, with the recent increase in high-profile data breaches, approximately 93% of IT professionals question its safety. As per ISC’s report, one out of four organizations has experienced a security breach within the past one year.

5. Anti-Virus Ineffectiveness

Most small and large businesses rely on anti-viruses to keep off cyber thieves from consumers’ personal data. However, Ponemon Institute’s findings show quite different. Anti-viruses can only prevent 43% of cyber-attacks.

Don’t Be the Next Victim of Cybercriminals

From these statistics, it’s evident that businesses of all types need to invest in advanced cyber security solutions. Total Technology Solutions can provide you with cyber security solutions for your Long Island business to keep you ahead of cyber thieves. If you’d like to learn more on how to protect your business and customer’s data, feel free to contact us!

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