June 18

Cyber Security on Long Island: Can Your Company Survive a Network Breach?

According to cyber security experts on Long Island, the single largest network security breach known to date was the 2013 corporate hack of Yahoo, where hackers accessed over three billion user accounts. That’s the stuff that makes headlines. What doesn’t make headlines are attacks against small to mid-size companies every day.

Now, the big question is: could your company survive a devastating network security breach?

How Vulnerable is Your Company?

It’s easy to think that a security breach wouldn’t happen to your company. But the truth is anyone is vulnerable to cyber-attacks these days. Understanding just how vulnerable can be very eye-opening.

#1 Do you or any of your employees work outside the office?

Telecommuting has become a norm in many parts of the business world. Using personal devices for work-related activities is also common. Both trends open up your network to potential cyber-attacks.

#2 How much does it cost for a single hour of downtime in your company?

This is a number many companies have never considered. If your network went down, what would it cost you? According to Network World, it can cost a small to mid-sized business between $8000 and $74000 per hour of downtime.

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#3 Are you taking proactive steps to avoid or mitigate security breaches?

Many smaller companies run in reactive mode when it comes to their IT assets. Don’t do anything until something breaks. When it comes to network security, that is the exact opposite of what you should be doing, according to cyber security experts on Long Island.

#4 Do your customers trust that their data is safe with your company?

With so many newsworthy breaches made public, customers have trouble trusting companies with their data these days. If your company is not taking proactive steps to keep customer data safe, it could cost you your customer’s trust.

#5 Are you in compliance with government regulations on network security?

If you are in an industry with regulatory compliance required for data security, such as healthcare or finance, you have extra incentive to prevent network data breaches. A single security breach could end up costing you a significant amount in fines.

These are just five areas where your company may be vulnerable to a network breach. You can find plenty of other examples of how a single security breach has forced a company to close its doors permanently.

If you want to take steps to avoid a network security breach, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today. We are the experts on cyber security Long Island companies trust with their networks.

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