October 19

Cyber Security on Long Island Can Be Key in Helping You Acquire the Best Zoom Security

New Tools Require New Security Measures

Cyber security solutions on Long Island are continuously advancing such that it matches the needs of the market, even as those needs shift in unpredictable ways. Today, decentralization is on the rise as COVID-19 has forced many businesses into remote operations which regularly utilize Zoom.

Avoiding Cyber Issues With Zoom

If you’ve used Zoom extensively, you may have been victim to some cybercriminal activity–many zoom meetings are hijacked by common hackers. Following, we’ll explore some ways you can maximize zoom security to avoid these and even more impacting instances of cybercrime:

Attendees Should Be Required To Render A Password

When you set up a zoom meeting, those attending should have to provide a password to gain entry. You can send such passwords out specifically to each user who signs up with their confirmation email.

Waiting Room Enablement Allows for Host Discretion

Cyber security experts on Long Island strongly recommend using the waiting room option so new individuals requesting zoom access can be vetted before they’re allowed in. “Zoom-bombing” doesn’t often involve sophisticated “hacking”; it’s more on the level of prank phone calls, but with higher stakes and greater annoyance brought to the table. Waiting rooms help assure you know who is who that’s trying to connect with you in the meeting.

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Assure Only Authenticated Users Have Meeting Access

Through passwords and waiting rooms, you can do much to assure that only the right people are able to acquire zoom access. Even so, be sure you only give out the link to the people you want to have it. If you’re doing some sort of informational outreach, then be sure you retain host control so you can mute everybody if they get out of hand, and boot them should that become your only option.

You can use “questions” to help validate potential attendees. For example, if you are doing something employee-specific, ask questions pertaining to their unique training or corporate culture that only a team member would know. If you’re doing something local, perhaps ask something locally centered. You can use multiple questions if necessary.

Reducing Zoom Static

Our Cyber security experts on Long Island can help you maximize the extremely convenient zoom platform in terms of security and utility. Be sure only authenticated users have meeting access, look into waiting room enablement, and assure passwords define accessibility. Zoom is becoming a staple of modern business. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions for more security tips on how to best employ it.

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