December 23

Cyber Security on Long Island: Best Ways to Ensure Email Security

Emails are entry points of cybercriminals to a company’s network. 60% of small businesses shut down six months after a cyber-attack. Phishing emails are common and have put businesses at the risk of the loss of their reputation and finances.

When implementing cyber security best practices for your Long Island business, start with email security. Here are the best email security practices that can protect your network:

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

35% of cybercrime takes place through man-in-the-middle attacks. Accessing company emails on public Wi-Fi gives hackers a smooth entry into your network. Public wireless networks are not secure and should be avoided. If your employees work or access their emails away from your premises, they should be educated on the dangers.

Encourage your staff to use virtual private networks (VPNs) if they are working away from the office space.

Create an Email Sandbox for Your Network

Creating an email sandbox ensures all your emails are scanned before allowed to your inbox. About 48% of the phishing email are opened. Your employees will not see it coming. Therefore, it is best to prevent access to your network. An email sandbox will scan all email attachments for vulnerabilities before they are allowed in your inbox.

In case of the presence of phishing emails, you will get alerts before they cause damage.

Put In Place Email Usage Policies

Letting employees use your computers for personal emails increases the risk of spamming emails encounter. Limit your employees to only work-related communication using the company’s network. Encourage your staff to use devices that are not linked to your business network for personal communication.

Invite cyber security experts on Long Island to help you educate your employees on the importance of having such policies in place.

Avoid the ‘Unsubscribe’ Links; They are a Scam

Hackers send spam emails to people, accompanied with a link directing you to stop more of the emails. Hackers have realized that you will recognize the phishing emails and find ways to stop them. They use the unsubscribe option as bait, in case you evade their first attack attempt.
The links open new browser windows, through which you unknowingly give the hackers information. Also, hackers use these links to install malware on your computer. This could also be a test to whether your email is active. Avoid the trap.

With the practices above, you can keep your business data secure. By partnering with cyber security experts on Long Island, you can learn more cyber security techniques. At Total Technology Solutions, we offer dependable cyber security services. Contact us now for more information.

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