July 30

Cyber Security on Long Island: Be Cautious of “Phishing” As Well As “Vishing”

What Are Phishing and Vishing?

Cyber security solutions providers on Long Island have had to expand their protection strategy to include hacking methods which aren’t strictly restrained to business infrastructure commonly considered IT. While telephony systems are, technically, IT, because software and hardware are pretty much built-in to most landline systems, many businesses don’t realize this represents a potential vulnerability for hackers as well.

Accordingly, they neither train staff nor protect telephony systems–VoIP or otherwise–nearly so well as they should. Traditional “phishing” involves fraudulent emails designed to trick users into rendering sensitive information a hacker can exploit for one reason or another. “Vishing” is “voicemail phishing”, and is essentially the same thing, only through telephony systems.

“Vishing” Types

Primarily, there are two exceptionally common vishing tactics you want to watch out for in today’s professional tech environment. We’ll briefly cover them both here:

  • The “Too Large” Notification
  • The “Preview Voicemail Message” Trick

The “Too Large” Notification

Here’s what the hackers do: they put together a sort of voicemail message which is too large for the inbox of recipients via traditional telephony channels, and requires a login to acquire the “large” packet of information. Sometimes this is just an email with the proper “Microsoft” logo as a sort of digital watermark. There is no message; the idea is to trick you into downloading some fraudulent virus.

If there’s no phone number, if there’s no record of the call, if this isn’t how you regularly receive voicemail messages, don’t download the link; it’s malware. Essentially, your business needs to work with an MSP to determine an exact way to manage such potential messages so you can identify when a fraudulent one comes through that doesn’t match previously established protocols.

The “Preview Voicemail Message” Trick

Cyber security experts on Long Island advise businesses to be wary of messages pretending to be from the “Microsoft Office 365 Message Center”. The email will offer to give the recipient an option to either view or listen to a “preview” of the message. This is really a link to some sort of malware designed for the theft of information, finances, or the installation of some hidden Trojan virus. The truth is, it could be many different viral threats. Again, establish clear protocols regarding the internet and voicemail messages, then stick to them. Consultation is key in determining what’s most convenient.

Don’t Be Fooled By Vishing

Total Technology Solutions can help you avoid both primary vishing methods, including files that are “too large” and “preview message” tricks. To learn more, and effectively safeguard operations, feel free to reach out to our cyber security experts on Long Island.

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