October 9

Cyber Security in New York: “Smishing”, USPS, and What You Should Know

What Is “Smishing”?

“Smishing” is a new term that combines the term “SMS” and “fishing”. Cyber security experts in New York strongly advise your business to be aware of this trend. Essentially, you’ll get a text message which says something to the tune of “Urgent, follow this link for information now!”.

Presently, the USPS has been targeted by smishing hackers and is being used as a vector to deceive individuals as well as businesses large and small. Businesses are directly targeted given their heightened propensity to ship packages during day-to-day operations.

Avoiding Being Compromised

Cyber security experts in New York advise, firstly, that you do not click on any smishing links. They may be relatively benign–there are situations where a smishing instance basically just sends somebody to a casino game or some other recreational activity. However, the preponderance of smishing “hacks” is built around stealing personal information for the purposes of further theft; either in terms of corporate espionage, or outright asset stealing.

Earlier in 2020, a similar smishing campaign targeted FedEx clients, and with similar results. Further, smishing forays will definitely develop along common lines of text message interaction. One area you can expect them to develop is in the political arena, as many individuals are deeply involved presently, and are accordingly “ripe” targets for the picking. Cyber security experts advise you do a few key things to stay free of associated smishing impacts:

  • Verify Package Numbers Or Political Affiliation
  • Closely Examine Links Prior Interaction–Avoid Interacting With Unexpected Links Generally
  • Log Instances Of Known Smishing To Appraise Staff Pertaining To Associated Threats

IT Professionals Will Help You Avoid Smishing and Other Hack Attacks

Our cyber security experts New York can help you determine specific vectors of attack most commonly associated with smishing. They can let you know where to expect such attacks and help you design operational protocols which naturally preserve you from being impacted. To learn more about smishing and other trending cybercriminal tactics as well as best practices to avoid them, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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