March 22

Cyber Security in New York: How MFA Helps Secure Remote Infrastructure

Cyber security experts in New York recommend instituting multi-factor authentication, or MFA, as a means of more effectively securing operations. Especially for remote operations, MFA assures only the right people have access to your systems. Essentially, more than one means of identification is used to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt who is accessing your network.

Different Types of MFA

IT security professionals can help your business determine which types of MFA best match your operation. Quite a few different options are available, the following are some of the most well-known alternatives:

User Possession Identification

Cyber security specialists in New York can help you determine which pieces of tech an employee has that would be most appropriate. Often MFA will send a text message to a smartphone when a user is trying to access your network through a laptop. The code on the text message is entered into the login box on the laptop. Establishing whether the potential user has the smartphone helps confirm their identity.

Identification Through Identity

Birthdates, eye scans, and fingerprints can also be used as an MFA method. You enter login data, then the device requests some sort of biometric information to confirm. Especially for exceptionally sensitive operations, this can be appropriate.

User Knowledge for Identification

Personal security questions, passwords, and pins define knowledge-based MFA. So someone on your team might enter login information, then be asked to answer specific questions where only the right person would know the answer.

Geographical and Temporal Identification

IT experts may advise geographical confirmation as a means of MFA. Depending on the integrity of your network, specific temporal and geographic markers can be used for identification.

Better Business Security Through MFA Protocols

At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you establish MFA solutions including user possession identification, direct identity establishment, user knowledge, and time or geography confirmation. To learn more about best practices regarding MFA, reach out to our cyber security experts in New York.

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