July 30

Why Cyber Security Experts in New York Suggest MSPs for IT Success

One thing is clear, according to cyber security experts in New York— demand for IT capacity and functionality continues to grow. Due to this ever-increasing demand, companies have to look for ways to expand their IT capabilities without driving their costs too high. Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) is one proven way to keep costs down while giving the organization the capacity to meet current and future demands.
CIOs have increasing concerns that they are lacking access to the right expertise. They are concerned that their organizations cannot keep up with advancing technologies. They often see half of their operation budget lost to failed projects. All of these factors contribute to their consideration of hiring an MSP.

Advantages of Hiring an MSP

Companies that hire an MSP to handle their IT infrastructure gain certain advantages that cannot be ignored. An MSP helps them:

  • Keep the costs of supporting legacy systems to a minimum
  • Adopt new technologies which promote business continuity
  • Allocate their resources in ways that maximize impact on the organization

Companies that use an MSP to manage their IT infrastructure report that their IT costs decreased by 25% and redistribute their IT budget with up to 30% more going towards strategic initiatives and 13% less going towards daily operations.
In fact, 48% of companies that already use an MSP are expanding its adoption to other parts of their organization.

How Can You Tell If Your Company Should Hire an MSP?

The advantages of hiring an MSP are quite clear. However, there may still be hesitation in certain organizations to outsourcing the IT function. Cyber security experts in New York observe that:

  • Most smaller organizations find themselves restricted by multiple challenges, including increasing cyber security threats, lack of qualified staff, and aging IT assets.
  • Companies with a limited staff often use the break-fix approach to manage their IT infrastructure. They wait until something breaks, then fix it. This approach costs a lot of money in repair costs and downtime.
  • The cost and manpower spent on legacy systems keep many smaller IT organizations from adopting newer technologies.
  • Many small businesses consider IT a necessary expenditure that does nothing to advance the business. That is because IT spends so much time and money on day-to-day operations instead of strategic initiatives which can move the business forward.

If any of this sounds familiar, your organization needs to consider bringing in an MSP. An MSP can solve these problems while offering all the advantages stated above. If you want to learn more, reach out to cyber security experts in New York. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions.

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