December 30

Cyber Security Experts in New York Help Set the Record Straight on Common Cyber Security Myths

Cyber security professionals in New York strongly advise businesses big and small to retain cutting-edge understanding of tech threats. They’re always changing, and a simple misconception can destroy your business.

Examining Common Errors in Security

Tech experts will generally advise you to institute a comprehensive security approach that accounts for more than just tech department best practices. A few considerations you should calculate for to avoid common pitfalls in terms of tech security include:

Security Responsibility Is More Than Just IT’s Field

IT departments aren’t omniscient. The surface area of operations represents an ample entry vector for cybercriminals, especially when only technology professionals take care to secure their daily movements. Everybody needs to have a security mindset in your day-to-day operations.

Small Size Is No Protection, You Need More Than Just Good Passwords

Cyber security experts in New York also stress that the size of your business isn’t hacking protection. Owing to vulnerability, cybercriminals often target SMBs. You need more than just passwords to protect key data, and you need more than obscurity to protect your business.

Cyber Security Threats Aren’t Just External, Training Needs to Be Periodical

The biggest cyber security threats are often internal, whether from accident or something like corporate espionage. This is one of many reasons training shouldn’t be annual, it needs to be periodically updated as regularly as feasible.

WiFi Isn’t Secured Owing to Just Passwords; Antivirus Software Needs Updates

IT experts advise against un-trusted WiFi networks, passwords can be circumvented by hackers. Also, old antivirus software quickly gets out of date, keep it contemporary.

Comprehensive Security Protections

Our cyber security experts in New York can help you secure tech across operations (not just in the IT department), provide security regardless of size, institute security beyond passwords, protect against internal threats, facilitate periodic training, secure WiFi protocols, and keep antivirus software updated. To learn more, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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