July 24

How Cyber Security Experts in New York Can Protect Your Business

Cyber security experts in New York can keep your company protected and avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber threat. Here are just a few ways that cyber security experts can keep your business safe against the ever-rising number of cyber threats:

Data Loss Prevention

Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to gain access to confidential data. Cyber security experts can keep your business protected through the use of data loss prevention services. Instead of losing critical data, your company will be well protected at all times from the constant threat of cybercriminals. Uploading your data into the cloud is an effective way to backup essential data and avoid becoming the next victim of a ransomware attack or other forms of malware.

Network Monitoring Services

Another key component of effective cyber security practices in New York is the utilization of network monitoring services. Cyber security experts can monitor your network at all times to detect any unusual activity. These network monitoring services can prevent a cyber attack from causing significant damage to your business and spreading to other areas within your network system.

Firewall Configuration

The vast majority of employees do not have a complete understanding of firewalls. Firewalls play an important role in protecting your network and preventing cyber security attacks. Cyber security experts can help you install firewalls to ensure that your company experiences the maximum amount of protection.

Around-The-Clock Availability

Cyber security experts are always available anytime, as they know that technical issues can occur at any moment. Whether a computer is always freezing or software isn’t working correctly, cybersecurity experts can help you solve any technical issues. Around-the-clock availability can keep downtime to a minimum and allow your employees to receive assistance immediately without any delays.
Working with cybers security experts in New York can keep your company protected from the vast number of threats. Total Technology Solutions is an IT company that specializes in cyber security and professional IT services. Whether you own a small business or a part of a large corporation, our cyber security solutions can provide your business with the ultimate protection. For more information, feel free to reach out to us.

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