July 12

Cyber Security and Apple Computers – Are They Unhackable?

For about four decades, Apple claimed that its devices were much more secure than Windows or PCs. In fact, it went so far as to say that hackers don’t build threats for those operating systems because the security is just too great. With everyone so worried about cyber security and breaches, is it a good thing to think this?

Law enforcement officials often go to Apple’s owners to ask for workarounds to break into the phones of criminals. That way, police officers have the information and evidence needed. However, Apple refuses to share any information about it.

The rationale behind this refusal is that it undermines the brand’s ability to have secure personal computer devices and protect its user’s private information.

However, that didn’t stop federal law enforcement from developing their own way of hacking into the Apple phones of criminals. What were the results? You might be shocked to learn.

Their Discovery

When the federal agencies learned that Apple wasn’t about to help, it took them years to gain access. However, in 2020, they finally did so, and a few papers were written about the cyber security concerns.

Primarily, three questions were answered here:

  • How can companies improve mobile security to prevent access?
  • How can modern devices allow access when not authorized by the user?
  • What security measures are there to deter unauthorized access?

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Researchers chose to look at the newest platforms from iOS and Android. The results show that neither offers better security functionality than the other. If someone wanted to do so and had the right tools, they could access either device’s OS.

In a sense, Apple devices aren’t impenetrable.

However, iOS systems do provide strong privacy and security controls and encryption. Still, the tools offered weren’t used enough to ensure the best security.

While Android does have a few issues, they are made worse because most devices don’t communicate with Google. Therefore, updates are implemented slowly, and there could be consistencies with privacy and security controls.

The Results

In a sense, both operating system types are open to data breaches, but the manufacturers don’t want to admit that. It’s never a good idea to assume the safety of your data, and impenetrable security doesn’t exist.

It’s up to the users or the companies to ensure that cyber security is efficient, streamlined, and strong.

Whether you allow remote work at your company or use Apple products, you need the right IT team by your side. Total Technology Solutions can help you have layered defense strategies in place to protect your personal data. Contact us to learn more.

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