March 3

Create Asset Tracking Databases with IT Support in Long Island

Even small organizations can find themselves dealing with myriad items when it comes to keeping track of its IT assets. The proliferation of computing platforms, technologies, and devices means that any business is likely to have a sizeable number of expensive and important IT assets. For bigger organizations, the potential headaches are considerable, but any business will need to develop asset management databases in order to protect its investment in information technology. IT support in Long Island has a crucial role to play in developing these databases.

Benefits of Asset Management Databases

Effective asset management database systems support the identification, tracking, and reporting on:

  • Investment, depreciation, and utilization
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Licensing and maintenance of fees
  • Security and insurance matters such as serial numbers

Building Asset Management Databases

Effective asset management databases can benefit from the use of IT consultants in Long Island. They can advise on matters such as:

  • Design and prototyping
  • Specification
  • Industry standards
  • Establish approaches

Whether in-house or deployed by a services provider, your IT support provider in Long Island will be an invaluable ally in designing and implementing effective asset management databases. Depending on the size or your organization, you may build the databases using off-the-shelf tools you already have, such as Microsoft’s Access database system. Standard templates can help ease the investment in time and energy.

For larger-scale projects, the initial MS Access project can be scaled up using Microsoft’s enterprise tools. Or, open-source alternatives can be used to design, build, deploy, and support both front-end and back-end aspects of your asset management database.


Whether you build a large application deployed in the cloud or something a little more restrained in-house with Access, your IT support provider in Long Island will help deliver the records capture and maintenance system that will help ensure your organization is getting the most out of its IT assets. To help figure out your first steps, contact us at Total Technology Solutions today.

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