June 19

How to Craft a Successful Cyber Security Strategy in New York

Businesses in need of cyber security solutions in New York understand the far-reaching effects of security breaches. In fact, the trend of increased loss of crucial data due to successful hacking attempts has made IT managers more alert to prevent such occurrences.
While you may have a reliable IT security plan in place, it is self-defeating to assume that you’re immune from all risks.
You can only realize a successful defense against hackers by staying vigilant and updating your defenses around the clock.
Here are more tips on how to devise a successful IT defense strategy:

Invest in a CISO

Most failures in security emanate from poor executive leadership. Your defense is only as good as the skills level of your IT security leadership. If your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) doesn’t prioritize security compliance, your data won’t be safe from cyber attacks.
The modern IT environment demands compliance with an array of regulations, such as GDPR, which demand specialized technical know-how. With a certified CISO, your organization will have the proper leadership and approach to cyber security compliance for effective data safety. You’ll have the skills set to realize potential risks and deploy countermeasures to eliminate any vulnerability.

Establish a Standard Cyber Security Policy

Cyber security providers in New York provide structured security policies, which include specific procedures and workflows in response to security threats. The established standards result in highly-effective frameworks for security IT systems. Aligning your IT defenses with industry standards strengthens your security and reduces the learning curve without the need to test and validate the measures in-house.

Deploy a Threat Intelligence model

While compliance with security regulations helps in the mitigation of cyber attacks, it is critical to design personalized defense architecture to meet your organizations’ specific needs. With such a risk management mode, you’ll be able to detect threats from different perspectives relevant to your business and stop them before they become catastrophic. Also, it will help you achieve a consistent characterization and categorization of cyber risks and anomalous activities within your networks.
With such proactive threat detection, you’ll have knowledge of what malicious actors on the web are up to and you shield your IT assets beyond their reach.
Successful cyberattacks are enabled by passive monitoring. However, with the steps discussed here, you can maintain a proactive approach to your security operations and capture all metrics through network diagnosis and analytics for fast response.
At Total Technology Solutions Inc., we offer cutting-edge cyber security solutions in New York that can protect your IT assets from malicious actors. Contact us now to learn more.

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