November 30

Cost-Effective CTO Solutions from IT Support Providers in Long Island

IT support providers in Long Island can do the work a CTO does for your business but at a reduced cost. Regularly, MSPs provide services for a broad variety of clients; those just starting out, and those who have become more established. For larger businesses, when an MSP takes over the role of CTO, it allows internal CTO personnel to focus on internal operations. For smaller operations, the ability to experience such advantages can be acquired for a fraction of the cost. Advantages are considerable either way and include:

  • Helping businesses make informed decisions pertaining to tech management
  • Ensuring proper facilitation of processes, including documentation
  • Facilitating profitable, ROI pertaining to tech
  • Reducing opportunity costs by enabling core concentration

More Informed Decisions

IT support providers in Long Island have a cutting-edge understanding of the modern technology market. It’s the prerogative of internally-based CTOs to do the same, but they’re hampered by the need to maintain operations, which predicates putting out small fires and regular troubleshooting. Meanwhile, an MSP’s tech personnel continues to progressively expand knowledge and skill sets.

Proper Processes Facilitation, Including Documentation

A healthcare facility has to deal with a diversity of tech needs and it is often their prerogative to remain at the cutting edge themselves, as this helps produce new treatments that save lives. Unfortunately, cybercriminals target the health industry for many reasons. This has predicated the need for safety regulations as enforced by the government itself in the form of HIPAA. If your healthcare facility doesn’t have properly facilitated documented processes, you could find yourself in violation of HIPAA. Shared liability puts the onus on the MSP as well, meaning they have a doubled incentive to get things right for your business, avoiding fines. There are regulations in many other industries as well, and though CTOs handle many of these things, MSPs have a very good chance of doing a more comprehensive job.

Profitable, Representative ROI

CTOs will help your company get good Return On Investment (ROI) concerning the tech solutions you choose. But again, unless they have the backing of an entire tech services company behind them, there’s a limit to how much good they can do for you. When there is greater access to diverse tech options in cloud computing, server acquisition, proactive support, BDR, and more, there is generally better service provision in terms of ROI.

Opportunity Cost Reduction

A CTO should provide services good enough that you don’t increase opportunity cost playing catch up or spend too much in the wrong spot. Often, they do this well. An MSP can do the same thing and at less expense. The range of a CTO’s salary is between $174k+ and $271k+ annually. If you’re paying less than $10k a month on MSP services, you’re saving $48k+ a year on an internal CTO.

Securing MSP Services

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can do what a CTO can- reduce opportunity cost, expand ROI, facilitate proper regulatory adherence, and inform decisions- but for a less annual expense. Contact us for MSP solutions that will give you the same advantages at a reduced cost.

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