May 22

Common Network Security Problems and How Our Cyber Security Team on Long Island Can Help

A single problem on one computer has the potential to impact the entirety of your network, including other computers. Our cyber security team on Long Island can prevent this nightmare from becoming your company’s reality. Though networks certainly provide more positives than negatives, this tech heightens the risk of data loss, malicious attacks, and digital security breaches. Let’s take a look at how to prevent such issues from developing in the first place.

Ask for Assistance from the IT Experts

One of the most important things you can do is ask cyber security experts on Long Island for assistance. Your company’s tech should undergo an IT risk assessment at least once each year. This assessment will determine which digital security measures should be implemented. Proceed without this important audit and your business will be flying blind.

Additional Preventative Measures to Sidestep Network Security Threats

You can do some things on your own in between IT risk assessments to enhance network security. As an example, make sure you have firewalls along with anti-virus software installed. If you have not set the security settings on your router or operations system, do so now. All sensitive data transmitted to and from your business should be encrypted. Above all, it is imperative you back up your data with the use of a backup solution far away from your headquarters. Though it should go without saying, it is important that you prevent unauthorized parties, including some in-house employees, from accessing the network infrastructure.

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Train and Educate Your Staff

In some situations, network security breaches are the result of employee ignorance or carelessness. Provide your team with ongoing cyber security and network security training. This way, every staff member will understand how the misuse of tech equipment can create a slew of costly and time-consuming problems down the line. Furthermore, employees should know they will be subject to disciplinary action if they break a network security rule.

Sweat the Small Stuff

The seemingly minor precautions you take on a daily basis are actually quite important. As an example, backing up your files on a daily basis enhances data security. Change your passwords at least once every couple of months. Always remove access to the network, software and other systems after employees are terminated or voluntarily quit. Pay attention to these subtleties of digital security, ask for assistance from the professionals when necessary and you will have done your part to mitigate damage to your network.

Our cyber security specialists on Long Island at Total Technology Solutions can solve your network security woes. We have the digital security solutions and strategies necessary to safeguard your data against just about every threat. Contact us now for more information.

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