July 19

Combat Phishing and Social Engineering Hacks with Cyber Security Services in New York

Using Cyber security services in New York is necessary if you want to have the latest protections for your business and ensure they’re applied in the most effective ways possible. Tech companies have competitive prerogative to provide the best security options and stay at the forefront of developing threats. Internal departments will be limited by your budget.

Pernicious Cybercriminal Threats

Cyber security professionals have identified two exceptionally relevant threats worth taking under consideration: phishing and social engineering hacks. In terms of phishing, consider these facts from Phishing Trends Intelligence Report:

  • In 2018, phishing attacks increased by 40%
  • Enterprise and security control attacks were 98% malware-free
  • The number of websites used in such attacks experienced substantial increase
  • Cloud, payment, financial, and SaaS services credentials were 83.9% of attacks
  • E-commerce, HR, and financial departments were where phishing lures were most effective

Expanding the Statistics

Cyber security specialists in New York regularly advise clients to establish best practices concerning security and refresh those best practices at intervals. The way phishing threats are presented in one year will be different from the next.

Sometimes, variations on phishing themes switch multiple times throughout a year. When you see a 40% increase in attacks, it tells a two-tiered story: one, this is working for hackers. Two, they’re being rebuffed by security, forcing them to introduce new means of attack.

When credentials are the primary thrust of attacks, that additionally shows that information is a primary goal for these hackers. Since no malware characterized these attacks, this conclusion becomes even more accurate.

When it develops that HR and financial departments are most heavily hit, that shows where the “leak” is in the “vessel” of your business. Cyber security solutions providers can provide training refresher courses and help you design more secure infrastructure to manage credentials.

Outmaneuvering Cybercriminals

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security team in New York can help you train your personnel to avoid becoming victim to various cybercriminal social engineering hacks and phishing scams. Contact us for more information.

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