October 2

Cloud Migration: Best Cyber Security Tips for New York Businesses

The use of cloud technology offers countless benefits, and it is important to partner with an IT provider that focuses on providing the ultimate cyber security protection for New York businesses during the migration process. Understanding these security practices can help ensure that the migration process occurs smoothly without any incidents and is well worth the investment in using a managed service provider.
Here are just a few of the most useful security tips during the cloud migration process:

Data Protection

One of the top priorities during cloud migration is to ensure that your data remains safe and secure during the entire process. Failure to secure data can lead to significant security incidents and expose your company to unnecessary risks. However, an IT provider will ensure that your data remains secure and smoothly transfers over to the cloud server. Having access to professional technology experts during cloud migration is an invaluable service that will expedite the entire process and give you much-needed peace of mind.

Encryption Technology

One of the main benefits of using a managed service provider that focuses on providing the best cyber security for New York businesses is that you will gain access to the latest encryption technology. Encryption allows your data to remain protected and out of the hands of cybercriminals. An IT provider will ensure that this encrypted data will transfer during the migration process without any data corruption or data loss.

Latest Tech Available

Many companies fail to properly plan for cloud migration and use primitive tools that expose your data to significant security threats. However, a managed service provider will have access to the latest technology available to ensure that your data remains secure the entire time. The use of these robust and innovative tools is a great way to transfer this data without having to worry about any additional security risks.
Choosing to partner with a managed service provider will allow you to experience the latest cyber security practices for your New York business. Total Technology Solutions is a managed service provider that specializes in helping companies reach their full potential through the use of the latest tech available. We understand the importance of keeping your data protected and secure during the cloud migration process. If you wish to learn more about the cloud migration process, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

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