December 10

Cloud-Based Services and Having IT Support on Long Island: The Catalysts for Growth

It’s happened. Cloud computing has taken overall business operations in 94% of enterprises, according to data by Hosting Tribunal. The cloud is the ‘7th heaven’ for businesses, promising limitless storage, scalability, mobility, and other conveniences. IT support providers on Long Island can provide you the support you need for seamless cloud migration to leverage these advantages.

Cost Savings

Resources on the cloud are far more competitive than on-premise acquisitions. From storage space to software, hardware, and infrastructure, you can rent them on a pay-as-you-grow model. That means that you pay for what you need when you need it.

The fact that you don’t have to buy anything can leave you with enough budget to leverage other robust solutions that you didn’t have before. Data from a 2015 Pacific Crest survey shows that 60% of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) providers offer free trials for their solutions. These solutions would bring you onto the summit of scalability, so you can compete fairly with the big shots of your industry.

You Can Save on Office Space

In a modernized business environment, you will often need additional office space for your IT inventory, and as offices for tech staff. Moving to the cloud allows you to slash away these costs and save your floor space.

As that happens, you also get to maintain a lean headcount in your organizations. Much of what needed you to hire IT experts can be done by the cloud provider. These, among other IT services on Long Island, include fixing glitches, patching, ticket resolution, server maintenance, and more.

Security and Reliability

Cybercriminals are quickly becoming too witty for today’s businesses. With on-premise setups, your data isn’t safe from compromise. By moving to the cloud, you get an opportunity to leverage advanced protection systems and real-time monitoring. Working with a Grade A cloud service provider or an IT support provider on Long Island can help to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Additionally, the cloud is a safe harbor for when disaster hits. In case of a fire, flood, or similar calamity that affects your business premises, your critical data will be protected on the cloud, encrypted, and fortressed in data centers around the world. That’s an opportunity for your business to overcome all disasters and thrive.


Cloud computing opens you up to limitless possibilities across the world. You can work with experts in different time zones and subvert transport costs. That’s also an opportunity to find experts that charge much cheaper for their services compared to your local talent pool. Your employees can also take their work on the go and be able to meet deadlines even when they are out of office.

Cloud computing is a chance to leapfrog your business past the many hurdles that suffocate SMBs today. At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support experts on Long Island will help you achieve just that. We provide bespoke, managed IT services and cloud offerings. Contact us now for more information.

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