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Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Software for Your Business | IT Support on Long Island

IT support providers on Long Island have been guiding businesses to find the best video conferencing software based on their needs. Video conferencing platforms have been a lifeline for many businesses, as it makes it possible to stay in communication and collaborate without the need for commuting to the office. However, trying to choose the best video conference software for your business isn’t always an easy task due to the variety of options.

Here is an overview of the features available from the top video conferencing platforms:

Video and Audio Quality

The most popular video conferencing options available include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. All three of these platforms display videos in HD, but the quality will vary for each platform. For example, Zoom uses 1080p video, but this is only available with its enterprise or platform business plans. Google Meet defaults to 360p video, but it can also send and receive 720p videos. The audio quality for all platforms is primarily dependent on the microphone and speaker while also relying on the speed of your internet connection.

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Privacy and Safety Features

Staying safe and maintaining privacy is always a top concern for businesses in need of IT support on Long Island. Zoom added end-to-end encryption while also improving its privacy policy due to the impact of “Zoom bombing” during the initial stages of the pandemic. Unfortunately, more than 500,000 Zoom accounts were stolen and eventually posted online for sale due to this security breach.

While Google Meet hasn’t dealt with any significant privacy breaches, they haven’t had the best track record in regards to collecting user data for advertising purposes. On the other hand, Microsoft has a better history of maintaining security while also providing a more transparent privacy policy. All of these platforms provide two-factor authentication, which is essential in keeping your accounts safe from hackers.


One of the main benefits of using Zoom is that it’s more affordable if you are solely focused on using video conferencing. However, Microsoft Teams offers the most value by providing additional features while also offering robust security. Reaching out to IT services experts on Long Island is always a great option to learn more about these platforms to determine which one best meets your needs at the right price.

Our IT support specialists on Long Island can help your business improve collaboration and increase security with the help of the latest technology solutions. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions today to learn more about the best tech solutions for your business.

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