March 3

Choosing the Best Workstation and IT Consulting on Long Island

Using the most appropriate technology is vital to every business as it can establish stability and sometimes provide a competitive edge. Adding experienced IT consulting on Long Island also makes a big difference. Here are ways that IT experts can help you select the best workstations for your business.

Fundamentals for Workstation Investments

  • Avoid cheap equipment
  • Focus on one operating system for consistency
  • Decide if you need portable equipment
  • Aim for high-end processing
  • Emphasize the quantity of RAM chips

A primary factor to keep in mind is how much the machines will be used over time. A computer generally has a lifespan of about 4-5 years, although many businesses plan on using the same equipment much longer. The computer should have the capacity to keep adding more RAM as needed. While processor speed is a big concern, it’s not always necessary to keep up with the fastest speeds on the market.

Try not to get wrapped up too much in the latest trends. Not everyone needs an expensive smartphone or the latest operating system. Microsoft introduced Windows 7 in 2009 and discontinued its extended support in January 2020. Many businesses are still not ready to make the switch to Windows 8, which was released in 2012. Sometimes old software can last a lot longer than expected, but it also creates more security vulnerabilities.

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Plan Your Needs

Since not all businesses are in a position to judge computer equipment, it helps to work with a seasoned IT consulting firm on Long Island. A consultant who’s worked for various businesses can suggest the level of processing power and storage needed for a given operation. The more diverse the consultant is, as well as experienced in your industry, the more they can recommend solutions for hardware, software and business technology guidance.

Each computer’s motherboard has availability for several pairs of RAM slots. Filling these slots with RAM chips will help your machines run faster. A managed IT services provider on Long Island can also make sure you use the right video cards for CAD software. Someone who doesn’t have a deep understanding of the software might assume a game video card will work, but this decision can create latency problems.

You should also stick with ISV-certified equipment. ISV stands for Independent Software Vendor, in which software developers test hardware to know if it works with their products.


One of the keys to a smooth-running operation is that the selection of workstation equipment is consistent with the industry software you need. Working with an IT consulting firm on Long Island will help you make the right technical decisions. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about matching hardware with software.

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