March 10

Choose a Multi-Layered Security from IT Support Providers in Long Island

With the dramatic increase in cybercrime, IT security is becoming more in demand than ever. Fortunately, IT support providers in Long Island offer multi-layered security solutions to protect against cyberattacks. With such solutions, you’ll be well-equipped to prevent complex cyber threats.

Unlike traditional firewall and antivirus security solutions, a multi-layered security solution combines different systems to achieve in-depth defense across various protocol and applications.

Thus, IT consulting firms in Long Island imply that you’ll benefit from the following components of multi-layered security:

  • Physical controls
  • Technical controls – firewall appliances, for example
  • Administrative controls – IT procedures and confidentiality policies
  • Access controls – biometrics, VPN, and two-factor authentication
  • Device-level security – anti-spam software
  • Data protection measures – encryption and hashing
  • Perimeter defenses – intrusion detection and prevention systems

Below are the top ways in which multi-layered security helps protect your business against cyber threats:

Physical Intrusion Prevention

Unauthorized physical access to your premises, for example, the server room may be exploited by malicious actors to plant malware into your internal networks. Preventing unauthorized access to the physical location of your network is critical to preventing security breaches.

Physical layer controls such as surveillance cameras, key card access points, specialized port block-outs, location-monitoring application, and movement-triggered alarms help stop physical intrusions.

Computer Hardening

IT support providers in Long Island are aware of the risk posed by cyberattacks aimed at software vulnerabilities at the application level. To make computers and applications secure, they offer anti-malware programs to achieve application security.

Also, they offer advanced solutions to enforce:

  • Whitelisting of approved workloads and applications
  • Removal of redundant and unused services, applications, and protocols

With defense-in-depth, you’re assured of the network- and end-user security. Your organization will have various, redundant defensive measures to prevent manipulation of security controls or the exploitation of vulnerabilities at the software or hardware level.


At Total Technology Solutions, we’re a reliable IT support provider in Long Island and we excel in securing business technology. Our team of IT consultants can help you chose a reliable multi-layered security solution. Contact us now to learn more.

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