January 26

Causes of Data Breach, and How to Prevent It with IT Support on Long Island

Many companies wonder if they require IT support on Long Island. They may feel that they can get away without it because they’ve got the right software to protect them.

For most companies, a data breach is a huge disaster. Secure customer information is compromised. However, internal business info can also be stolen or used without your knowledge. This can include transaction histories, inventory lists, and things of a more sensitive nature.

Here are the causes of data breaches so that you’re more aware and can prevent them with the right IT services on Long Island.

Unpatched or Old Security Vulnerabilities

Your server, networks, and computers/laptops/smart devices all require updates at times. However, if you don’t get the right IT support on Long Island, you may find that these updates never happen or take longer to complete. When vulnerabilities remain unpatched, hackers can get inside and steal information or make changes to the system.

Human Error

Usually, a forgotten patch isn’t the biggest reason for a data breach. Instead, it comes down to regular human error. There are various scenarios where this happens, such as:

  • Using a phished website
  • Not changing passwords
  • Using an easy-to-guess password
  • Sharing account/password information
  • Accidentally sending information to the wrong people

Make sure all employees know the basic security measures in place by the company. Train each person thoroughly so that they can act like a human firewall instead of giving out information accidentally.


Companies often incorrectly believe that malware only gets put on personal computers. However, these hackers are now targeting businesses. The hackers can make small modifications to the existing malware program, which confuses the antivirus program on your network. They can get access to your information and do all sorts of damage because of this. Usually, the best way to stop this reason for a data breach is to keep your antivirus updated and get IT support to ensure that everything is up-to-date.


There are many reasons for a data breach to occur, and it happens more frequently than you may imagine. Though it’s a daunting task, you don’t have to go through it all alone.

It’s important to get the right IT support on Long Island because that’s going to thwart the hackers and protect your systems. Total Technology Solutions is here to help you. We offer a wide array of IT services and can work out a customized plan for your needs. For more information, contact us!

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