November 16

Boost Cyber Security for Your Business on Long Island with Firewall Migration Plan

Firewall migration might be the solution to your business’s cyber security on Long Island. This is a crucial step to consider, especially when the hardware reaches end-of-life or fails to meet your business’s changing needs. Firewalls play an integral role in security planning, protecting sensitive data against possible breaches, blocking threats to the business environment, preventing unwanted access to sensitive information, and stopping other intrusion attempts. Boosting cyber security around your business is the best way to keep cybercriminals away. Here is how to go about with your firewall migration plan:

Decide If New Hardware Is Required

Check if you need to replace your existing hardware with a new firewall. Investigate if the new hardware is necessary. Also, look into your current firewall characteristics such as age, capabilities, end-of-life, performance, and warranty. If all these features are still functioning optimally, you can only decide to do email and web filtering to enhance cyber security for your Long Island business.

Choose the Most Appropriate Firewall

Different firewalls come with various features. As such, you should check the capabilities that your business needs to stay safe from cyber attacks. Some of the capabilities to look for include antivirus, Intrusion Detection(IDS), Intrusion Prevention (IPS), overall performance, and web filtering data loss. Bear in mind that as the internet speeds increase, some firewalls fail to keep up with that pace. Even though different types of firewalls exist, your business should have the Next-Generation Firewall.

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Consider the Hardware and Vendor

Many firewall hardware and vendors are available on the market today. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For that reason, make sure to check with your business requirements, sizing, and network complexity to find out which firewall is compatible.

You may reach out to a team of IT experts to help you figure out the type of features that can maximize network performance in terms of clustering, redundancy, and supporting dual connections. All these features are tailored towards boosting cyber security and the protection of your business data.

Perform a Complete Audit of the Existing Firewall

You should also carry out an audit of your existing firewall just before firewall migration. During the audit, crawl through the current firewall to capture critical details such as:

  • Configurations
  • Internet Protocol (IP) network settings
  • Network patching
  • ISP details
  • Virtual private network
  • Any published services

Mostly, firewall configurations accumulate unnecessary details like the networks, unused services, and address objects. Make sure to analyze the current rule-based to find out which policies are active and which ones are inactive. Additionally, get rid of all old services by running firewall migration tools to collect this data automatically.

Final Thought

Firewall migration can keep your data safe, boosting the cyber security of your business on Long Island. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions today for a free assessment of your current firewall.

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