September 27

Bolstering Up Your Cloud Cyber Security in New York

While cloud providers will help you secure your data on the cloud, they can only do so much. You have options to more comprehensively secure your operations; working with cyber security experts in New York can be integral.

Core Security Needs

Cyber security experts advise a number of strategic steps toward total security in terms of cloud utility. Even though cloud computing is becoming more established than ever, it’s a developing technology, and you’ll want to stay ahead of the game. Consider these tactics:

  • Continuously court security upgrades such as 2FA
  • Firewall software should be used to protect infrastructure
  • Geographic access restriction (anchoring), auditing, and system monitoring

Continuously Court Security Upgrades Such As 2FA

Cloud computing has much security, but there is a high level of automation, and there’s only so much that automation can secure against. 2FA helps fill the gap.

If you’re unfamiliar, this stands for “two-factor authentication”. Essentially, multiple accounts and devices are used to secure the identity of an individual, keeping those who’ve merely stolen credentials from somewhere from gaining unauthorized access.

Firewall Software Should Be Used to Protect Infrastructure

Cyber security experts in New York advise cutting-edge firewall acquisition. As with all software, technologically speaking, the goalposts are in constant motion. Keep ahead of the times by constantly updating firewalls associated with your cloud.

Geographic Access Restriction (Anchoring), Auditing, and System Monitoring

You can restrict access to your cloud by region. This is called “anchoring”, and it will help prevent foreign hackers from impacting operations. Additionally, you should continuously monitor operations and audit your cloud at intervals.

Cloud Computing That’s Secure

At Total Technology Solutions, we provide cyber security solutions for New York businesses. We help businesses facilitate effective anchoring, audit cloud security, maintain continuous monitoring protocols, install the best firewalls, and institute developing security solutions such as 2FA. Contact us now for more information.

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