August 25

Your Bluetooth Isn’t Safe: IT Support in Long Island Helps Protect Against “Bluesnarfing”

What Is Bluesnarfing?

Having IT support is one of your best options for retaining comprehensive security against existing and developing threats in Long Island. One that is gaining prominence today is called “Bluesnarfing”. No, it’s not that creature “Snarf” from Thundercats in Blue Man makeup. It’s a means of stealing data from Bluetooth applications.

Managed IT services providers in Long Island advise that careful security measures should be put into place to keep hackers from using a Bluetooth connection as a vector for entry into your device. Here’s what to do:

Disable “Discoverable” Connections

IT support professionals in Long Island advise that you turn off “discoverable” the moment you’ve connected Bluetooth devices, you make it so yours is no longer discoverable. Hackers can go into a room full of people and figure out who has open Bluetooth, then slide in undetected. If you’re not discoverable, you’re “off the menu”, as it were.

Only Use a Few Trusted Bluetooth Devices, Incorporate Anti-Malware Software

If you’re using multiple Bluetooth devices continuously, you’re a very wide target. This reality compounds if the devices are cheap dollar store affairs that may have lax security protocols. Only use trusted devices; it can be worth it to spend a little more. Also, varying anti-malware software specifically designed to offset the potential of Bluesnarfing is available.

Enable Authentication Protocols Like Two-Factor Authentication and Network Security

IT experts recommend two-factor authentication in reference to Bluetooth connectivity as possible and feasible. Also, you want network security protocols that can pick up and address anomalous behavior which may indicate a Bluesnarfing event.

Curtailing Bluesnarfing Risks Before They Begin

IT support professionals in Long Island advise that you should you cut down discoverable connections, only use limited Bluetooth devices, incorporate anti-malware best practices, enable two-factor authentication as possible regarding Bluetooth applications, and optimize network security. Such actions help you avoid the majority of Bluesnarfing events. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more.

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