August 27

Benefits of Managed Security Services Provided by IT Consulting Professionals on Long Island

IT consulting on Long Island is one of the best ways to maximize current technologies and protect your business against data leakage/loss. More often, even large organizations have lost data to hackers due to lack of proper network solutions. As a small business owner, maintaining an in-house IT department is expensive and inefficient. That is why outsourcing managed security solutions from IT consulting specialists is imperative for your business.

With the number of cyber-attacks increasing, it’s therefore crucial to make IT security your number one priority. Here are key benefits of making a switch to managed security services (MSS).

24/7 Security

Data security is not a Monday-Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm job. Attacks can happen at any time, any day of the week. Thus, businesses need 24/7, 365 days security against cyber threats. You need to have a system that makes your clients trust you with their data and personal information.
Managed security service providers ensure companies and organizations get a bespoke set of services according to their needs. Security service providers also provide an unparalleled level of redundancy, hence providing stellar security services all year round.

Access to a Pool of Talent

If you want to set a security operation center, you need a minimum of seven full-time workers. You also need to factor in training and replacements. More so, finding experienced employees is costly and time-consuming. Thus, you may not end up with the best IT team in your company.

Our IT consulting team on Long Island consists of crème de la crème IT connoisseurs with vast experience in providing security services. We focus on strategic efforts to keep complex technology up and running.

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Access to Latest Technologies

Technology evolution is happening pretty fast, and when you think you have it all, a new threat crops up. It becomes impractical from both logistics and cost standpoint for a small business to keep upgrading the IT software and infrastructure.

With managed security solutions, you will get access to the latest technology. Your system will get monitored and any security threat will get neutralized effectively.


Outsourcing IT services will lead to a substantial reduction in total operation cost. You will not incur training and replacement costs. These savings can get channeled to other business operations for maximum productivity.

Work with Professionals

Are you looking for IT consulting services on Long Island? Look no more. At Total Technology Solutions, we provide the most reliable Long Island IT support. Contact us now and we shall take care of your business technology.

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