March 13

Benefits of DRaaS from Our IT Consulting Team on Long Island

IT consulting firms on Long Island will likely recommend Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions for your business. DRaaS incorporates cloud computing and managed technology best practices to comprehensively protect data, ensuring that when unavoidable disasters transpire— and they will— the businesses affected experience the least possible losses in terms of time and money.

Downtime is exceptionally costly. Some estimates put it at $5,600 a minute. This will differ depending on your business, but even if you only lose $1k a minute, if you have an hour of downtime a month, that’s $720,000 a year. If you can cut downtime in half, even on the low end of operations, you could save $360k+ annually. With that in mind, consider the following benefits of DRaaS:

Cost Reduction from Loss Deferral and Best Practices

IT consulting firms on Long Island will cut your costs in operation through DRaaS. As outlined earlier, reduced recovery time saves tens of thousands. But there’s more to it than that. Proper DRaaS requires solutions like 3-2-1 backup strategy. That’s three backups on at least two separate kinds of media, one of which being located off-site.

Cloud computing can be an excellent choice for your off-site solution. From there, you need to have a reboot workflow in place. Government agencies will have some emergency binder full of protocols; MSPs provide the same, but as fits their clientele. Some systems must come online before others and you need to have these things organized for best time reduction in reboot and associated cost deferral.

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Expedited Recovery Time and Greater Operational Security

Data recovery on Long Island leverages known best practices and those being discovered into recovery protocols. When there’s a strategy in place for the worst-case scenario, recovery doesn’t require undirected, seat-of-the-pants reboot. Additionally, solutions like database mirroring can be put into play, allowing your public presence to continue operating without missing a beat.

Perpetual Access to Cutting-Edge Security

Working with an MSP for DRaaS solutions helps you employ the latest best practices. New cybercriminal threats manifest all the time. WannaCry of 2017 initiated ransomware lock-outs through SMB ports: no employee error was required. Viruses like this develop all the time, and recovery finds your business vulnerable to such intrusions. You need the latest protections to avoid them.

Initiating DRaaS For Your Business

IT consulting on Long Island through Total Technology Solutions provides perpetual cutting-edge security access, better operational recovery, expedited recovery time, and reduced expenses. Contact us for more information on DRaaS solutions which provide these outcomes.

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