December 18

Benefits of Cloud Migration Support from IT Consulting Companies in Long Island

With the increased frequency of cyber attacks, business owners are wary of security the cloud lest they are attacked. This is the reason why IT consulting companies in Long Island strive to offer viable solutions for successful cloud migration. With IT support in Long Island, you can successfully migrate to the cloud and run your operations with minimal effort on your in-house IT team.

Besides, your cloud computing environment will be secured with advanced security solutions, which are compliant with regulations such as PCI, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, and ISO27001 to reduce the risk of a data breach. Below are more benefits of migrating to the cloud:

Improved IT management

IT consulting companies in Long Island provide business technology management, from primary hardware maintenance to troubleshooting networks problems. In addition, managed services providers (MSPs) offer leading-edge expertise on the development of innovative business applications for your specific needs.

They’ll also optimize your IT resources with routine checks and remedy weak points that could cause inefficiencies. For example, installing updates and running routine security scans within your networks.

Increased Mobility

Cloud-hosted services offer you increased flexibility with solutions such as CRM, document signing, and project management software. Such technology allows your employees to execute their work in spite of their location, which implies increased productivity.

For instance, team leaders can collaborate with the rest of the group while traveling and complete mission-critical tasks for an IT project. This saves time unlike in a traditional setup in which junior staff would wait for their project supervisor to come back to the office.

Seamless Integration

The cloud offers unlimited integration with various services for your business technology, including point-of-sale systems, project management systems, social media, and team chats. Besides, it is possible to deploy custom software applications for your IT processes.

Also, the cloud offers redundancy protections on both hardware and software for unfailing reliability around the clock.

If you need help planning your migration to the cloud, consult with our IT experts at Total Technology Solutions. We are being known as one of the leading IT consulting companies in Long Island that help businesses make the most of the cloud technology.

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