September 30

Being Clever Rather Than Costly: Tips for Managing Endpoint Security Shared by Cyber Security Experts in New York

Cyber security experts in New York advise all devices that employees or customers use to access your network should be properly secured. Now, some “endpoints” aren’t in your system. For example, a customer using a smartphone on your website. This is a different kind of endpoint, as you can only secure around it, not through it. This writing concerns endpoints you can secure internally–that you have control over. Company smartphones, laptops, desktops, IoT devices, and more.

Key Tactics for Best Outcomes

There are best practices readily available for you to adopt, even if you’re a niche industry. Endpoint security has a few commonalities about it. While different businesses have different needs, generally, the following tips shared by cyber security professionals in New York should apply to you:

Keeping Track Of Inventory

You should know what’s in your network, who has access, and what the best alternatives are for securing such tech. This can be simplified through an onboarding process which is designed around properly cataloging and categorizing all devices from the outset.

Monitoring and Automated Patching

All devices should be monitored, and as possible, automated patching of antivirus and malware software should be available. This isn’t feasible for all businesses, but if you can make updates to security automated, that’s going to be worth your while.

Instituting MDM Protocols and Antivirus Management

Mobile device management (MDM) protocols and management of antivirus software are also considerable. If you can incorporate antivirus solutions into MDM strategy, this is ideal.

Achieving Endpoint Security Without Increasing Workload Drastically

To sum up, to achieve endpoint security, you need to keep careful track of inventory, and from there monitor devices. Institute automatic patching of existing security, as well as MDM protocols. Be sure you’ve updated antivirus options as well. To learn more, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions. Our cyber security team in New York is ready to serve you!

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