January 27

Be Aware of These Cyberthreats for Better Cyber Security in New York

The proliferation of cyberattacks has raised tension across all types of businesses. Here are five types of cyberthreats that your business should be aware of, in which the ideal solution is to work with cyber security experts in New York:

1. More Sophisticated Social Engineering Attacks

Everyone should know about phishing attacks by now, which are deceptive emails that trick people into clicking infected emails. When a stranger befriends someone then turns out to be an attacker, the process is called social engineering. The solution is to inform workers about the dangers of potential threats— New York IT support experts can help you with this.

2. Spread of Big Data will Foster IoT Attacks

Data collection keeps scaling up with the rise of IoT, which is inviting to hackers looking to steal confidential data. It’s imperative to regularly take inventory of your digital assets and keep firmware updated.

3. Ransomware Revisited

A common cause of data loss and security breaches in recent years has been ransomware. A reputable cyber security expert in New York stays updated on developing cyberthreats. Reliable solutions include firewalls, virtualization, and encryption.

4. Accidental and Intentional Insider Attacks

Employees can potentially damage networks either accidentally or on purpose. Some employees may attract malware by downloading illegal software. Others may be disgruntled and seek revenge by compromising confidential information. So, it’s crucial to implement strict security policies that limit and track their access.

5. New Types of Security Flaws

A developing type of security concern is known as “asynchronous procedure calls” (ACPs), which are designed to by security. This bug then forces malicious code to run while interrupting the system kernel. The key to blocking this problem is to replace unsupported software with a newer version.


Be aware that hacker schemes are becoming more subtle to get employees to give up internal information or click nefarious links. Outsourcing to a cyber security expert in New York helps make your network safer. If you have further questions about cybersecurity, contact us at Total Technology Solutions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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