August 8

Avoiding Common Causes of Data Loss with the Help of an IT Support Provider in Long Island

An IT support provider in Long Island can help you keep your company protected from the ever-increasing number of cyber threats. The loss of confidential data can have devastating consequences for businesses, as it can damage the reputation of your company and cause your company to pay costly fines. However, an IT provider can help your company avoid this dire scenario by using the latest data backup and disaster recovery technology.
Here are the three most common causes of data loss and how an IT provider can help your company avoid these dire scenarios:

Security Breaches

One of the leading causes of security breaches for companies of all sizes is ransomware. Ransomware encrypts personal data on each computer and asks for a ransom payment if you wish to regain access to this information. However, an IT provider can help you avoid this situation by automatically backing up all of your data to an offsite facility. Instead of giving in to the demands of these cybercriminals, you will be able to gain access to your data through the use of cloud technology.

Human Error

The leading cause of data loss is due to the mistakes of employees. Employees that fail to follow proper protocols risk exposing your company to unnecessary security threats. Whether it is downloading an email without using a virus scanner or visiting unsecured websites, careless employees can cause a wide range of issues. Fortunately, an IT support provider in Long Island can ensure that each employee remains in compliance at all times. An IT provider can also provide additional training courses and networking monitoring services to minimize the chance of mistakes.

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can occur at any time, whether it is due to flooding, earthquakes, tornados, or a fire. Failure to install a disaster recovery plan can lead to dire results, as you will experience significant amounts of downtime, which can even lead to the closure of your business. However, a data recovery plan from Long Island IT provider will have your organization well-prepared for any situation.
Using an IT support provider in Long Island can help your business avoid suffering the devastating consequences of data loss due to security breaches, human error, or natural disaster. Total Technology Solutions is an IT provider that is committed to helping businesses take advantage of the latest technology while always keeping companies secure at all times. If you want to learn more about our disaster recovery services, feel free to contact us.

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