August 6

Avoid a Social Engineering Scam with the Help of Our IT Consulting Team on Long Island

Social engineering is a method of manipulation used to convince people to provide confidential information. The information targeted ranges from bank account details to login information. Some such attacks provide access to computers to covertly install nasty software that retrieves just about anything on the hard drive or the rest of the network. Our IT consulting group in Long Island can help you avoid becoming a victim of social engineering. The underlying trap is falling for the illusion of trust. Also known as phishing attacks, this method of stealing data is dependent on the gullibility of those who work in offices and just about everyone with an email address.

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

Take your time when reading your email, considering whether to download files, clicking links and so on. Be skeptical of all email messages, especially those that demand quick action. Another party’s sense of urgency should never override your common sense. When in doubt, ask for the assistance of our IT consulting team on Long Island. We love to solve just about every IT problem. It is easy to be faked by a seemingly legitimate online link, download, email message, etc. However, you can reduce your chances of becoming the next victim by relying on our team to review all potentially shady online data.

Email hijacking is more common than most would guess. The last thing you need is for an evil group of hackers to take control of your company’s email accounts. There is nothing wrong in asking for assistance when you suspect you have clicked a link that compromised your system. Be proactive and flag all potentially malicious links, emails, downloads, communications, etc.

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If you receive a message from a foreign party or money from someone unknown, it is likely a scam. The moral is to remain hyper-aware when using email and the web. Tell everyone on your team about these tips to combat social engineering and you will have done your part to keep your system safe. Our managed IT services experts in Long Island are also available to lend immediate assistance.

Examples of a Social Engineering Scam

If a message contains a link, download or anything else that seems suspicious, there is a good chance it is a phishing attempt. From email messages to fake web pages, pop-up messages and elsewhere on the web, social engineering threats loom across the online landscape. Some links in emails and websites are actually complex digital traps that gather contact information and wreak informational havoc. Every file available for download has the potential to be laden with hidden malware. An infection will make it easier for a criminal to take control of your computer, social media, email, etc.

If you have any tech questions or need help in any way, you can reach out to Total Technology Solutions. Our IT consulting team on Long Island is ready to help you! Contact us now.

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