April 27

Avoid Common Coronavirus Scams with IT Consulting on Long Island

IT consulting professionals on Long Island contend with many businesses that get taken in by scams that capitalize on the shifting information of the day. Especially with the pandemic scare, there’s so much information flying around, it’s pretty hard to know what’s legitimate. Scammers know that, and have no shame–they’ll use COVID-19 to steal from small businesses.

Notable Scams to Watch Out For

Managed IT services providers on Long Island provide solutions for small businesses regarding the latest scams out there. This is a moving target, because social conditions and technology are partially determinate of new cybercriminal efforts. In a nutshell, here are some of the worst to watch out for in 2021 and going forward:

Scams Using Coronavirus to Phish

IT consulting experts on Long Island can help your business train staff regarding coronavirus phishing. Hackers are playing on the social “good instincts” of people to leach personal information and steal data or money from your business. Different types of phishing scams “phish” for login credentials using varying means. Scammers might pose as federal agents, the CDC, or other legal agencies. And they might do it very convincingly. Working with outside consultants helps you know what scams are trending and which are truly going to impact operations.

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False Incentive Scams

False economic incentives collect personal information under the promise of government funds in the wake of the pandemic. Because there are real incentive checks and PPP loans out there, this is a great way for scammers to steal from those who aren’t in “the know”. Understand what “real” incentives are out there. Again, working with outside consultants can be a wise move in protecting your business.

Ransomware Trickery

Ransomware has dovetailed into the modern era with COVID-19’s outset. Essentially, they’ll “phish” for credentials by trying to play on the instincts of those looking to be professionally compliant, then lock them out. It’s the same old scam with a new veneer. Again, working with the right MSP solutions helps keep this from impacting your business.

Contact Tracing

You need to get a handle on what legal requirements are as regard contact tracing in your local region and do only what’s legally necessary. Oftentimes, they’ll be hackers looking for login data they can use to ransom your files pose as contact tracers. What’s wisest is working with professionals to determine authenticity beforehand.

Consultation Keeps Your Business Contemporary on Developing Tech Threats

Total Technology Solutions is one of the leading IT consulting companies on Long Island that can help protect your business from coronavirus phishing, false incentive scams, the new COVID-19 ransomware iteration, and false contact tracing. Contact us to learn more.

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