June 10

Avoid Being Outsmarted by Hackers by Working With IT Consulting Company in Long Island

Cybercriminals Know What They’re Up To

IT consulting company in Long Island have to contend with a “black hat” tech environment which includes economic impact at about the same level as “white hat” technology. There’s a real yin-yang situation going on. As new tech develops, so do new threats.

How to Avoid Being Outsmarted

IT support companies in Long Island can help you avoid being outsmarted by hackers through the implementation of the latest security techniques and best practices. They can help you reinforce security operations that must contend with the following:

Technology Develops Quickly – Stay Contemporary

IT consulting team in Long Island strongly advise businesses to maintain the latest possible security measures. Here’s the truth: as new technology comes, so do new threats. Old firewalls, antivirus software, and protocols will leave massive vulnerabilities hackers are only too eager to exploit.

A Mismatched Situation: Hackers Make More Money Easier

It’s a lot easier for a hacker to write some ransomware worm that self-populates through tech infrastructure in multiple countries than it is for a white-hat company to turn a profit legally. The downside for the criminal is consequences, whereas the white hat company loses money if they fail.
Accordingly, white hat and black hat actors are mismatched. On the dark side of tech, they can make money with the press of a button and not be found out for years. As a result, they are constantly developing new means of stealing against which you must protect operations.

Regulations Expand Consequences of IT Security Holes

IT support in Long Island must deal with regulations from groups like HIPAA, meaning they’re constantly under pressure to perform, or be fined. This has a positive effect in that they’re motivated, but it can pressure IT providers internally. MSPs establish best practices to contend with this pressure.

Stay One Step Ahead Of The Cybercriminals

Out IT support team in Los Angeles can help you keep abreast of regulations, match IT security against hacker theft, and retain contemporary security against increasingly pernicious tech threats. To learn more, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions.

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