June 6

Avoid Being Compromised by an Unexpected Outside Hack with IT Support in Long Island

So you use a website regularly, and it gets hacked… what now?

IT support providers in Long Island help clients recoup after a data breach. There are many ways breach can occur, one of them is through a sort of online mimicry pertaining to sites regularly accessed by you or personnel.

Things That Can Happen

Even top-tier websites can be mimicked or hacked by cybercriminals. Sometimes, the primary site isn’t even aware they’ve been hacked immediately, and your information can be compromised through them. It’s essential to prevent this from happening at the source through proper protections. Otherwise, you may be subject to these issues:

Data Leaks

IT support providers in Long Island can help you keep from losing data through a website that’s been hacked. Such a sight may have a Trojan virus which secretly infiltrates your network and subtly siphons away data. Data management protocols and monitoring or support of a continuous kind helps prevent such situations.

Exposure of Sensitive Information

You can reach out to an IT consulting firm in Long Island to help you determine which data is truly the most sensitive. This will help you avoid being undermined by data loss through a website compromised by hackers. Some information isn’t all that sensitive, other information is. Firewalls are key ways of protecting your business. You can also find software options which determine if a site is trustworthy enough to access before you go there.

Redirects That Are Subtle and Impacting

IT support experts can help you design your network access such that redirects don’t subtly pull you into viral territory. Sometimes, you’ll click on a favorite page and some virus initiates a pop-up which siphons data away from certain network access portals like a phone, tablet, or laptop. You don’t notice because it happens in the background.

Establishing Network Security

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support experts in Long Island can help you avoid being undermined by redirects, can help keep sensitive data from being exposed and stop data leaks which can occur from regularly visited sites that have been hacked. Network security in terms of firewalls, antivirus protocols, and developing trends are all key in protecting your company. Contact us for more information.

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