July 27

Attaining Proactive Cyber Security for Your Company in New York

You might be facilitating either proactive or reactive cyber security approach in your business in New York. Think of proactive security like preventative maintenance on a vehicle. Think of reactive security as fixing a problem after it’s already knocked out a component in your engine. Reactive security is less effective and often results in higher losses from issues.

Notable Measures in Proactive Security

You have to identify areas of security where you would most benefit from the latest protective measures. To that end, the following represent some key proactive security measures:

Threat Identification

Cyber security service providers in New York commonly serve businesses like yours, and different than yours. Between these extremes, security providers definitely know what you should watch out for and how to protect against it.

Internal “Ethical” Hacks to Find Vulnerabilities

“Ethical” hacking is essentially turning the skills of hackers on your business to see what black-hat, “unethical” hackers would use as entry-points into your business. When you’re able to see where you’ve got security issues, it’s a lot easier to protect against them. Such proactive measures are necessary on an ongoing basis, especially as new tech is onboarded.

Monitoring of Endpoints and Training of Staff

IT security experts can help you monitor varying tech endpoints where there’s a likelihood of entry from cybercriminals. Additionally, the right groups can train staff on the newest threats to help them practice solid security throughout their daily “grind”. Such training is necessary at intervals as technology continues to shift over time, and that means old measures quit working as they did.

Proactive IT Support Catches Problems Before They Impact Operations

We at Total Technology Solutions can help you monitor vulnerable operational tech, train staff, probe for internal vulnerabilities, identify threats, and reduce impact of cyber threats overall. To learn more about best practices in security and how to protect operations against burgeoning new threats, contact our cyber security experts in New York.

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