July 20

Asking the Right Questions When Choosing an IT Support Provider in Long Island

IT support providers in Long Island come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some operations are newer, some have greater longevity behind them, some have recently been purchased by another organization and reconfigured.

You Won’t Know If You Don’t Ask

You could win the lottery and get the best MSP for your business with one phone call. This is unlikely. A wiser way to go about the MSP acquisition process is to ask a bunch of key questions upfront. A few that you might ask a potential IT services provider in Long Island include:

What Are Support Levels and Response Times, and Do You Supply Hardware?

An IT provider could have excellent support levels and response times; but then again, they might just offer basic options. A good clue is hardware provision. A company providing hardware tends to have resources involved in their operation that are expensive, meaning they’ve likely got higher support levels. But this isn’t always the case, so ask multiple questions.

Are There Points of Contact That Are Dedicated? Is There After Hours Support?

You should expect there to be people with the organization you choose who can help you regarding specific issues when the need arises. These are called points of contact. Also, if something happens after traditional business hours, you should be able to acquire support from the right MSP. If the option you’re considering doesn’t offer these things, you might want to look at additional local options.

What Remote Options Are There, How Proactive Are Services, Do You Have References?

The IT support provider in Long Island you’re considering should have remote support and proactive services which monitor operations for best results over the long-term. References will prove that their self-description isn’t just some flowery canard designed to draw you in. Ask about remote options, proactive solutions, and whether any references are available to vet their claims.

Good Questions Produce the Right Answers

Total Technology Solutions offers the right answers to the right questions. Ask us about support levels, response times, hardware provision, points of contact, after-hours support, remote options, proactive services, and business references. We’ve got answers designed to meet your business needs. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to our IT support team in Long Island.

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