September 4

Are You in SaaS Denial? Our IT Consulting Team on Long Island Can Help

It is a mistake to assume infrastructure services are the end-all, be-all of your company’s technology. Sadly, plenty of businesses overfocus on infrastructure while ignoring software as a service, also known as SaaS. The failure to seriously contemplate the wide-ranging benefits of SaaS and managed IT services solutions on Long Island is emerging as quite the common problem for businesses of all types and sizes. Our IT consulting on Long Island can help you implement SaaS the right way.

The Merits of SaaS

SaaS provides an additional security layer every business needs. SaaS usually permits the use of extra options for encryption. Workflows and projects will gradually move through SaaS applications with additional security. SaaS implementation empowers you to take much more of a big-picture view and minimize your organization’s shortcomings that pose security risks.

Some business owners and managers make the mistake of incorporating SaaS in a haphazard manner without providing the necessary IT guidance and oversight. The end result of this approach is often the mismanagement of password requirements, access controls and other electronic safeguards. Furthermore, ignoring SaaS also has the potential to pose integration issues to boot.

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Be Proactive with the Timely Implementation of SaaS

If you have substandard digital security solutions or competing applications, the implementation of SaaS has the potential to lead to an array of problems. The last thing you want is for your company’s operations to come to a grinding halt due to an array of variables that come to a head when you finally decide to take advantage of SaaS. Let’s take a quick look at some important considerations to ponder in the context of SaaS implementation.

Key Considerations

Though infrastructure tech services, global infrastructure services, and network infrastructure services are certainly important, there are additional key considerations to ponder. From legacy systems and the manner in which their information interacts with newly-implemented systems to establishing the proper access controls and determining if the addition of a new application will prove beneficial, there is plenty to think about. When in doubt, lean on our IT consulting team on Long Island for assistance. You will need the help of IT professionals to select the perfect tech solutions for your unique company and implement those solutions in a truly seamless manner. We will help you move beyond SaaS denial and ultimately make the most of SaaS with your company’s nuanced needs and goals in mind.

The moral of the story is SaaS should not be neglected. There is plenty more that matters in the context of your company’s tech than infrastructure services. Total Technology Solutions is on your side. Reach out to our IT consulting team on Long Island if you have any questions about SaaS or tech in general. Contact us now!

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