April 13

Android Users Should be Aware of the Cyber Security Threat of the BlackRock Trojan

There is a new digital attack zeroing in on android applications. Dubbed the “BlackRock” trojan, this attack has targeted hundreds of android operating system applications. Let’s take a closer look at BlackRock and delve into the importance of cyber security to protect against such threats.

BlackRock Basics

BlackRock attacks are centered on obtaining access to information. A phony Google Update is transmitted, requesting privileges related to accessibility. Once access is granted, the trojan becomes autonomous, meaning it operates on its own rather than being controlled by the user. The trojan provides itself with additional permissions long after the initial infection.

BlackRock is problematic as it gathers device information, executes overlay attacks and can even stop antivirus software from working. In fact, BlackRock can prevent users from uninstalling it, ultimately making it last longer than most other digital attacks, creating extensive damage that compromises a significant amount of your company’s information.

Android Users Beware

Android is a comparably open operating system, meaning there is a heightened risk for a BlackRock attack. It is important that a new approach to monitoring the application base be implemented or even more of such attacks will be inflicted. Android can either move forward with the existing approach and simply hope most of the apps remain functional with their own unique protections.

The alternative option is to significantly alter how the operating system is monitored, incorporating a more thorough analysis of apps, making the approval process that much more comprehensive with the overarching goal of enhancing security requirements.

Regardless of the approach Android takes, users of such devices have the potential to end up with this nightmarish trojan at some point down the line. The hope is that Android’s brass starts to take these types of hacks more seriously, ultimately enhancing their research and defenses for improved cyber security.

The Tops Apps in BlackRock’s Crosshairs

All sorts of applications have been “injected and compromised” by BlackRock. As an example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Netflix and Google Play have already been compromised by the trojan. Several other apps have also been targeted, putting full suites of applications at risk. Sadly, millions of individuals have been impacted. The hackers behind BlackRock now have the contact details and financial information of millions of individuals.

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