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Android OS 12 Provides Greater Choice in How Data Is Managed | IT Support in Long Island

Working with IT support professionals in Long Island are now helping businesses, as well as individuals, acquire the most comprehensive control over both hardware and software tech. Owing to varying issues defining the modern tech atmosphere, it’s smart to stay as contemporary as possible.

New Features to Explore

You must take full advantage of the latest mobile Operating System (OS) software for Android. A few notable features that put users in control include:

The Privacy Dashboard

One of the reasons IT support experts in Long Island recommend adopting these new OS options for Android involves what’s known as the “Privacy Dashboard”. Basically, you can refer to this and see what apps use the location of your device, what apps are using the microphone “on the sly”, and what apps use the camera. The Dashboard keeps track of associated app use over 24-hour periods to give you an idea of the hidden functions of apps.

Realtime Indicators Which Apps Use Microphones, Location, and Cameras

When microphones, location, or cameras are used for information you didn’t expressly authorize, the new dashboard gives real-time indicators to help more efficiently manage how data is used.

Tools to Quickly Block App Access to Phone Features Involved with Such Data

IT consulting professionals in Long Island can help you master this new OS so that app blocking can happen immediately when you notice certain mobile software is using data in unwanted ways. Especially for proprietary information, understanding proper use here is key.

Determining If Android 12 Is Best

IT support experts in Long Island recommend Android 12 OS software for businesses and individuals who are interested in protecting information more thoroughly. The privacy dashboard, real-time indicators what apps are using what, and tools that immediately block problem apps represent key features of this new mobile OS. To learn more about this update and similar upgrades defining the market going forward, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions.

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