February 2

Advice from IT Consulting Experts in Long Island to Help You Manage Risk from Endpoint Users

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise businesses that use a high level of technology to carefully secure the endpoints of their staff. Such devices are especially vulnerable owing to user error, misuse, and a lack of available information. Not taking this into consideration will leave you wide open.

Tactics to Secure Endpoints

IT support experts in Long Island advise a number of best practices for endpoint security. It’s not something you should ignore, as the preponderance of operational security issues develops from inside your company. With that in mind, consider these measures for protection:

Strong, Properly-Managed Passwords

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise that you should design passwords that are properly secure, and renew them periodically. How periodically you renew them depends on your business. The more, the better. Obviously, this requires strong management. The right IT service provider can help you change passwords and keep track of them, even if you have to do so regularly.

Properly Educating Staff At Appropriate Intervals

Initial security education isn’t enough. You’ve got to keep refreshing your employees or they’ll keep doing things which could be putting your business at risk. For best results, get advice from tech consultants pertaining to the most opportune times for educational refreshment.

RMM, Antivirus Software, and Firewalls

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) can help you determine if a specific endpoint has been compromised or not, and digitally quarantine it before the totality of the network is infected. Also, firewalls and antivirus software not just for your network, but for specific devices, are key in helping reduce vulnerability to cybercrime.

Effectively Managing the Risk of Your Employees

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT consulting experts in Long Island can help you determine the best measures for security across the surface area of your business. RMM, antivirus software, firewalls, staff education, and properly managed passwords go a long way toward comprehensively securing operations. For proper consultation on security, contact us.

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