July 27

Adopt More Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Your Financial Company with IT Consulting on Long Island

IT consulting experts on Long Island advise financial institutions large and small to consider cloud computing solutions. The majority of large institutions already have much of their infrastructure on the cloud one way or another–you can read more about that here. A few reasons for this include scalability and security. Cloud computing tends to offer a lot of banks a higher level of security than they would be able to feasibly, cost-effectively attain otherwise. Even smaller institutions have begun to notice associated advantages.

Notable Benefits of Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Managed IT services providers on Long Island have shifted many services toward cloud computing, often assisting banks and credit unions in determining how best to explore cloud integration. Advantages of associated options tend to influence integration decisions. Here are a few to consider:

International Security Prerogatives Define Cloud Providers

One thing IT consulting professionals on Long Island are apt to point out involves technological infrastructure involved in requisite on-site security. Servers, personnel, updates, troubleshooting, storage, transportation–these things are all involved, and compound based on branch locations. Given the nature of the business, robust security is necessary.

Cloud computing offers multi-billion dollar organizational expertise, infrastructure, and reputation to security solutions. If a cloud provider can’t secure clients, that provider won’t stick around. There’s additionally a competitive motivator here.

Furthermore, there are several years where proof-of-concept has defined the market, given that larger operations are increasingly leaning into cloud-based infrastructure. Accordingly, more and more small financial institutions are securing the cloud.

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Expansion Costs Are Reduced Through Less Expensive Scaling

Instead of installing the tech infrastructure necessary for on-site security at multiple branch locations, cloud subscription costs are merely expanded. The more your bank grows, the more going this route will ultimately save money.

Decentralized Solutions Facilitate More Streamlined Branch Management

IT consulting professionals can help your bank find decentralized secure solutions which simplify the process of branch management. Instead of updating multiple unique on-site networks which are interconnected, changes to cloud accounts immediately apply to all involved branch locations.

Deciding If Cloud Options Are Worth Your Consideration

Our IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help your financial business explore specific cloud solutions to determine which may offer real advantages. Decentralization, scaling affordability, and more robust security define cloud computing solutions for financial institutions. To safeguard assets and retain viability in your banking community, it’s a considerable upgrade. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more.

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