July 9

A Message From Total Regarding the Kaseya VSA Attack

Regarding The Recent Kaseya VSA Attack: Total & Clients – Not Affected

As some of you are aware, just prior to the 4th of July weekend, Kaseya, an IT solutions developer for managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprise clients, announced that it had become the victim of a cyberattack. It appears that attackers have carried out a supply chain ransomware attack by leveraging a vulnerability in Kaseya’s VSA software against multiple MSPs — and their customers.¬†Fortunately, Total does not use Kaseya VSA so ultimately, both Total and its clients were unaffected by this ransomware attack. Total’s Security Team has checked and verified this across its clientbase.

How To Ensure You Stay Safe

While we are safe against this attack, it is imperative that each of our clients have all the layers of cybersecurity defense that Total recommends in place.

This will minimize the possibility of a future cyber attack.

Cyber crime is growing and becoming more sophisticated. As cyber crime evolves, so do the tools that Total utilizes and recommends – not having some of these tools in place could cost you your business.

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