July 2

5 Ways an IT Consulting Service Provider on Long Island Can Protect Your Business

Cybercriminals are always looking to take advantage of simple mistakes that can cost your business a lot of money. Many cybercriminals focus on small businesses due to the lack of IT security. However, choosing to partner with an IT consulting service provider on Long Island can give your business the best protection against cyber threats in the workplace.

Here are five ways IT consulting experts can keep your business safe from cyber threats.

1. Network Monitoring

One of the ways IT consulting professionals can keep your information safe is through the use of network monitoring services. These around the clock services can quickly identify unusual activity on your network, thereby preventing the chance of a cybersecurity incident from causing widespread damage to your business.

2. Access Controls

Another important way to keep your business safe against cyber threats is to enable access controls for each employee. Implementing these safeguards gives your data an extra layer of protection. An IT consulting service provider on Long Island can modify these settings at any time.

3. Spam Filtering

IT experts can also protect your business from cybercriminals by using spam filtering. Many times these services can identify suspicious messages by putting them in one folder. Additionally, an IT provider can train your employees on how to spot phishing scams.

4. Patch Management

Keeping up with all of the latest security updates isn’t easy for most employees. A managed IT services provider on Long Island can automate these patches to ensure your company is always well protected against the latest cyber attacks. These security updates play a key role in patching vulnerabilities and keeping your data secure.

5. Cybersecurity Training

One of the most effective ways to stay proactive is to focus on training your employees on a wide range of cybersecurity topics. These training classes are a great way to educate employees on the latest cyber threats in the workplace. An IT service provider is always available at any time to answer any questions and provide tech support.

Total Technology Solutions is a company that offers IT consulting solutions for businesses on Long Island. Our primary goal is to help businesses reach their full potential with technology while always staying well-protected against cyber threats. We have over three decades worth of experience in the IT industry, and we take pride in always providing top-quality services. Feel free to reach out to us to learn how we can keep your business safe against cyber threats.

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